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5 Troubleshooting Tips - Working with Your N-Lase Machine

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DSC_0124You certainly do not have to be a genius or expert to operate a laser engraving machine. Our N-Lase systems are designed to be user friendly, with Windows-ready software to ensure the laser engraving machine can be operated with ease from a desktop computer or laptop. 

While we pride ourselves on the user-friendliness of our laser engravers, from time to time, troubleshooting always crops up. Alas, you needn't worry! We have a team of UK-based technical engineers on hand to assist you. 

One of our latest recruits, Matt Cooil (pictured above), is an Internal Technical Support Engineer and he has shared some of his top troubleshooting tips for quick fixes to common problems or error messages:


1. 'My laser is showing Laser State Error/ Over Temp Error'

When your laser machine throws up one of these errors, it usually means that the E-Stop (Emergency Stop) has been pressed accidentally or the laser has been asked to fire before power cycling the machine after the E-Stop has been pressed or the key (which goes into the rear of the machine) has been turned. Try rectifying these two possible problems for a quick solution.


2. 'Is there an easier way to centre my image in N-Lase Designer'

Thankfully, there's a very quick and easy fix for this. Rather than spending time trying to work out where the centre of the workspace is, or meticulously trying to place your graphic at the centre manually, simply press the 'C' button. Yep, it really is that simple! This one has the potential to save you lots of time.

Screenshot (104)3. 'N-Lase Designer keeps crashing/ is using up too much memory

Within N-Lase, there is an autosave feature, which is handy if you're working on large projects and you don't want to lose your progress. On the other hand, this means that N-Lase Designer is constantly saving new versions of your work. It is possible to disable the Auto-Save function to free up some of this memory so that the software doesn't crash. You can do this by navigating to FILE>SOFTWARE SETTINGS>AUTO SAVE and untick the box next to 'Every'.


4. 'I want to mark different versions of the same mark. Do I have to import a new image every time?'

You can use Text Modifiers to do this. You can use the keyboard modifier to ask for input before marking. If you were marking the same part with different names on it, for example. Select TEXT, then ENABLE VARIABLES>ADD>KEYBOARD and then type your prompt in (see image below). This way, you can apply the same mark to multiple pieces with different variables such as names, serial numbers, without having to import a new image every time.

Screenshot (105)


5. 'I'm struggling to make symmetrical shapes.'

When creating a Square or Circle, you can lock the aspect ratio by holding the CTRL key when drawing your shape. This ensures that your shape is symmetrical and is a quick and easy way to avoid creating asymmetrical ellipses or rectangles.


We hope that you have found these tips helpful. Matt and the rest of our engineers are always on hand to help, so if you have any queries or errors that you need assistance with, you can contact us:

Call: +(0)1948660011
Email: info@needhamlaser.com