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5 Christmas Gifts You Can Create with a Laser Engraver

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Untitled design (53)We don't know about you, but it feels like this year has absolutely flown by. The clock is ticking down to that time of year where friends and families exchange gifts with one another.

As we have looked at in a previous blog post, personalised gifts are becoming increasingly popular and for those of you who are in the business of producing items that make great gifts for people... may be missing out on a great opportunity to increase the value of your products. In the spirit of the festive season, we have taken the time to run through 5 unique ways you could personalise gifts using a laser engraving machine

Leather - wallets, journals, bags

Needham N LeatherLeather is a great option for gifts. Whether it's a handbag, a new wallet or a beautiful notebook, there are options for everyone. With a laser engraving machine, you can add personal touches to leather items such as names, initials or quotes. With the correct settings, laser engraving leather creates a tangible haptic effect on the material surface. An advantage is that the laser produces consistent results on engraved items, without wear and tear - this is helped by the fact that there is no need to fix the item down. The laser beam melts the material with ease resulting in clean and perfectly sealed edges.

Wood - cheese board, anyone?

Who doesn't love a bit of festive cheese? Even better if it is served on a personalised cheese board. Or what about someone's favourite whiskey presented in a whiskey box with their name on it? Wood is a versatile material, and with a laser engraving machine, you are able to achieve a number of different preferred finishes. The dark brown engraved finish is well known - this can be produced by defocussing the laser beam, which increases the laser spot and reduces the power. It is worth noting, however, that this method may not be suitable for more intricate designs as details can be lost. Alternatively, a lighter mark can be achieved. When processing varnished wood, for example, you can achieve a white engraving with the appropriate settings - our recommendation would be very low power at high speed.

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Glass - raise a personalised toast

Laser engraving glass can produce some fantastic results - you may have noticed before now that a lot of glass gift items have writing or images on them that have a really nice, frosted matte finish. The likelihood is that this has been achieved using a laser engraving machine. Christmas is definitely a time to raise a toast, and products such as personalised champagne glasses and whiskey tumblers are becoming an increasingly popular option for consumers. For glass etching with a laser on conical objects (e.g. beer glasses or bottles) we recommend that you use a rotary attachment, which will automatically turn your workpiece during the laser engraving process so that it remains in the correct position.

Metal - special moments engraved forever

A jewellery laser engraving machine can work with a multitude of common metals used in jewellery – goldsilver, platinum, brass, or any kind of alloy. It can also be used for less traditional materials such as tungsten carbide, titanium, or palladium. There is a very long list of possible applications of laser engraving including rings, bracelets, lockets, watches, spectacles, bottles, eyeglass cases, earrings, belt buckles, and keychains.


Slate - versatile gifts for inside and out

Laser engraving slate allows you to personalise slate and stone items for yourself or as gifts. Laser engraving slate is a fantastic way to give a unique gift for someone's home. They also make wonderful keepsakes for weddings and special events! When customized with the laser, the dark slate produces a white/grey contrast that really pops! Slate can be engraved using a Fiber or Co2 laser system, although the settings may vary. Our tip: spray the slate with a thin, but even layer of clear coat at least an hour prior to engraving.





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