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Blog series: The Future of the laser industry

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You do not have to cast your memory back too far to remember a time when the concept of lasers were a staple ingredient of science-fiction (we all wanted our own lightsaber, I know I still do).


Fastforward to the present day, and laser technology is used everywhere; medical procedures and equipment, beauty treatments, communications, industrial processes, robotics, automotives, toys, scientific research and more. Due to their power and precision, lasers are also being developed for military use.

Laser technology has helped us overcome a number of challenges, whether that is achieving greater levels of precision, decreasing manufacturing timescales or helping to 'green' otherwise environmentally damaging industrial processes.

So, where can this technology take us next? Now that is a very interesting question.


In our forthcoming blog series, we will be taking a look at some of the future trends of the laser industry, from
e-mobility to additive manufacturing to quantam technology. While lasers have become somewhat of a commodity in range of expanding industries, at the same time their use is evolving in fields of research. One thing is for certain, laser experts are going to be kept busy for years to come.

The future of lasers is looking very bright indeed.