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Needham Laser Tech Partners with Grove Design to deliver custom solutions

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Needham Laser Technologies are pleased to announce our newest lifelong partnership with Grove Design. Grove Design has over 15 years of experience with product design and is now working closely with us to help deliver custom solutions to our customers that require them.

As we focus our attention on domestic and international growth at Needham Laser Tech, we are investing in our Research, Design and Development department to ensure that we future proof for the next generation of laser usage.

Grove Design helps support us as we work with organisations worldwide to solve complex manufacturing solutions with laser technology and strive to build systems that help businesses make their manufacturing processes increasingly efficient and productive.

Every business we deal with has different requirements, our flagship N-Lase range may not be suitable for certain manufacturing requirements, Grove Design has worked on enclosure systems for Needham Laser Technologies’ bespoke products.


These have included solutions for bottDouble glazing spacer.2221le and double glazing marking, where the company’s products would not fit into the standard product range and Needham Laser Technologies have had to develop custom machines to accommodate their customer’s needs, these have been developed to improve visibility, maintenance, and equipment access. Grove Design worked closely with Needham Laser Technologies to assess the needs of the customer and develop a product that met each criterion, with great customer satisfaction upon delivery.

Working with lifelong partners like Grove Design allows Needham Laser Technologies to concentrate on innovation and the future applications of laser use. 

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