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Make Your Mark: Asset Marking with Lasers in Precision Engineering

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Laser marking provides a means of identifying, tracking, and recovering your assets, whether it is within your own business or your client's. In this blog, we take a look at how bringing lasers in house is helping engineers to mark their assets quickly and with precision.


Medical Laser Application

Why mark your assets?

The demand for laser marking assets has increased significantly and in some cases is a mandatory process for a range of industrial sectors requiring the production of parts, from aerospace, medicine, automotive and military applications. For such industries, permanently and accurately marking assets with precise identification is essential for the regulation and tracking of these assets throughout their life cycle.


Why use a laser marking machine?

There are various advantages to automotive laser etching that has made it the technology of choice for automotive manufacturers. It is a well developed technology with various turnkey solutions which can be easily integrated into any production line.

Laser marking is a fast procedure that will fit right into any manufacturing process without slowing it down – a 17-character VIN can be laser marked in only about 4 seconds. Being a non-contact method, parts do not need to be clamped down before marking, avoiding secondary damage. Compared to a more traditional method such as dot-peen marking, the part to be marked using lasers do not undergo any unnecessary stress. Without the need to use fixtures or clamps, laser etching stainless steel also has unequalled flexibility in terms of marking newly designed and modified parts and assets.

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products-machines-and-systems-laser-marking-and-engravingA reduction in the risk of secondary damage also results in cost savings. In fact, compared to other methods of marking of automotive parts, laser etching technology on the whole is still more cost efficient. Being fully automated and having few moving parts, asset marking using laser technology will deliver savings on workforce reduction and less frequent replacement of equipment parts.


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Over the past year, we have adapted how we have conducted demonstrations of our laser systems in action. From Zoom to Teams, everything has been virtual, with the easing of lockdown restrictions across the UK we are able to welcome customers to our site in Whitchurch, Shropshire, where all of our lasers are made. Alternatively, we can come to you, so you can see our machines in your environment and we can show you how our laser will meet the requirements of your products in front of your eyes.

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