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Relied on Globally.  Born locally.

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Since our establishment in 1962 as Roger Needham & Sons, The Needham Group has grown from a humble national distributor of ‘Speedry Magic Markers’ to a group of subsidiaries which diligently works to expand its now global portfolio, through innovation, development and partnership.

Needham Inks Alkington Road Whitchurch The Needham Group was founded by Roger Needham in 1962 and we remain a family owned company with Roger’s son, David Needham, the current company Chairman. Being a family company, we have a strong set of values by which we conduct our business and we firmly believe in establishing loyal, honest, and long-term relationships with our partners.

Despite our rapid growth and global success, Needham remains strongly rooted in Whitchurch, Shropshire, where our journey began. Roger Needham & Sons began its life in 1962 based in offices at Green End, which runs through the heart of the town. In 1974, the company established the new company headquarters: The House of Needham, Alkington Road, Whitchurch. Closely followed by new manufacturing facilities in Prees, Shropshire.

Throughout the years, we have established premises at various sites across the UK, but Whitchurch has consistently been the home to our core operations. The Alkington Road offices and Prees facility were sold in 2001 and we moved to its new (current headquarters) premises on Waymills Industrial Estate. We are proud to add the ‘Made in Britain’ badge to each of our laser systems, which are manufactured at our Waymills site.

The Needham Group Waymills Industrial Estate Whitchurch Shropshire

While we continue to grow and innovate with partners both nationally and internationally, The Needham Group is proud of its local roots and its home in Whitchurch.

Relied on globally. Born locally.