We have spoken to you quite a lot about our flagship N-Lase series, which are equipped for any task, no matter the size or environment. Perfect for laser engraving, marking or etching any products. But what if you have a very unique set of requirements? 

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Here at Needham Laser Tech, in addition to our standard range of lasers, we also develop and manufacture bespoke custom solutions, particularly for specific industry applications.While many requirements can be met by their standard N-Lase range, more and more they are seeing an increase in the demand for custom solutions to specific idustrial processes and challenges. Whether that is integration into complex production systems or scanning capabilities, customised size or loading requirements.

Recently, we built one of their flagship N-Lase laser systems for a customer with an integrated camera. This feature enables you to view your mark live on the CAD software, ensuring an even more precise mark. Below is a video showcasing this feature.

While our N-Lase technology is always at the core of the laser systems we manufacture, we are able to provide dynamic and modular designs to suit a wide range of requirements.

If you are in need of a custom laser solution, get in touch with Needham Laser Tech to see how they can help. Our experienced team can create custom build projects with up to 4 axis capabilities, allowing for an almost limitless marking area compared to standard systems.


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