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360° Laser Marking with A Motorised Rotary Attachment

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Have you ever seen a ring with a beautiful engraving all the way around it, and wondered how it got there? How can such an intricate and detailed design be applied to such a small 360° surface? It is likely that it was marked using a laser with a rotary attachment. 

Laser engraving with a rotary attachment shouldn't be confused with rotary engraving, which involves rotating a cutting tool in a motorised spindle. This action creates a groove at a specific depth in the material. Rotary engraving is a form of mechanical engraving - we covered laser engraving vs. mechanical engraving in a recent blog post.

Rotaty attachments are a game changer for laser engraving. Compatible with all of our N-Lase systems, the N-RT 65 and N-RT 80 rotary accessories allow for 360° radial laser engraving. Robust and reliable, rotary attachments work wonders in our N-Lase range to provide a wider scope of marking options. 

You can see the rotary in action here on our Youtube channel:


So, why should you invest in a rotary attachment when purchasing your N-Lase system?

Engraved Ring ExampleIf you're a jeweller, for example, a rotary attachment such as the N-RT 65 will allow you to produce beautiful engravings on your products - you can apply a mark to the outside of the ring, while the tilt function allows you to accurately mark the inside of the ring too.  We often see customers using their rotary attachment to provide a personalisation service which adds value for your customers and to the products you have on offer - a perfect addition to our Desktop and Desktop Pro systems.

Alternatively, if you're a manufacturer who needs to mark cylindrical objects such as pipes, the medium/heavy duty N-RT 80 features a higher load capacity than it's smaller countepart. The N-RT 80 works seamlessly with our Benchtop and Workstation systems to produce radial marking for metals and non-metals.


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