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5 Myths About Starting Your Own Laser Engraving Business

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Starting a business can be daunting for anyone, not knowing which resources to invest in, how to market your brand, or what services make up your unique sales position. If you dispel these myths, then you will be able to make an informed decision with the facts on how you can start a lucrative laser engraving or marking business.

1. Lasers are too complicated to work

One of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to be a scientist to understand the use of a laser or that it takes too long to train a worker in order to use the laser system. This just isn't true, anyone who can work a computer can work a laser, each of our laser systems comes with a Windows-ready easy to use graphical interface. Users can simply load settings and designs into the custom-made software and begin the engraving service as easily as that.


2. It's too hard to market a laser engraving business

Marketing a business has never been easier than it is currently, with the advancements in technology nearly every person has a miniature computer in their pockets that is more powerful than the computer used in the moon landings. Combine this with the impact and sway of social media you can be advertising to thousands of people with a few clicks of a button. As for sales platforms, Facebook has its own e-commerce feature as well as popular marketplace sites like Etsy, reaching customers for your business has never been easier. Our laser system has an attractive style and is designed to sit front of house with your own personalised branding to showcase the services you offer and allow the customer to see the engraving process happening.



3. It's too expensive to start the business

Entrepreneurs who look at starting a business may be daunted by the initial costs. Although there is a cost to purchasing a laser system, the return on investment can be quickly recouped. The speed of laser engraving pitted against the time for more traditional methods (Hand Engraving) and the ongoing cost of paying the salary of someone to provide this service can often be forgotten. The other silver lining is that companies like Needham Laser Tech now offer finance for these purchases to make them more digestible for SME's. Use our ROI Calculator to see how laser engraving can make you money.

4. Lack of technical support

Things don't always go to plan in life, we all know that and technology is no different. Cheap imported laser systems are cheap for a reason, they rarely come with a warranty and getting hold of "technical support" can be a near-impossible task. This is why Needham Laser Tech has a fully committed UK-based support department and is constantly on hand for any hiccups that may occur. We have field technicians who service the entire UK and Ireland and all our machines are modular so if anything does go wrong, then we will be able to fix it quickly and easily.


5. My product won't be unique

One of the biggest benefits of laser engraving is that you can engrave literally anything (that's design or product!) From the fingerprint of your customer's child on their jewellery, marking of a significant date on the inside of a wedding ring to engraving a companies name into promotional materials or permanently marking serial numbers onto specific products for identification purposes. The sky is the limit when coming to laser marking, to coin the phrase "if you can dream it, you can do it". There are 1000's of free designs available online for inspiration or that can be personalised for a variety of uses.


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Hopefully, this short guide has busted 5 of the biggest myths around starting your own laser business if you have any other doubts feel free to get in touch with us by email or phone us on (+44) 01948 662629 and we can answer any of your questions. In the meantime check out our N-Lase Desktop, N-Lase Desktop Pro, N-Lase Benchtop, N-Lase Workstation.