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Will laser Marking personalisation add to my business?

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The personalisation industry is booming for gifts, promotional items and jewellery. Take www.notonthehighstreet.com or www.etsy.com for example, these two websites act as a market place for thousands of people who specialise in selling personalised gifts. The novelty of having a name, date of birth or anything you want marked on to a gift shows thought and sentiment, whether that's printed onto something, sewed into a garment, or laser engraved onto jewellery.

The laser engraving process for gold and silver jewellery is no exception to this rule, by offering and adding personalisation to your customer's purchase can increase value and customer satisfaction.

On average, laser engraving a pendant or ring can be done in 5 minutes or fewer with our N-Lase Desktop or Desktop Pro. Our Desktop model is designed for just that, to sit atop a desk or counter in your shop, to show off to all your customers and act as an extra incentive for the customer to take advantage of the personalisation service. Our systems also have laser safe glass so the customer can either watch the engraving take place if they wish or continue shopping and return once it is done.

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So what is the incentive?

Apart from customer satisfaction, there is a monetary value and incentive from a business perspective. Typically a personalisation will add value to the original product, our customer's have suggested an increase in value of 25% on average, though this can be case specific. At Needham Laser Technologies we can offer a finance package spread over 5 years for purchase of our systems.

As a business if you buy a N-Lase Desktop through finance, your monthly repayments will be on average £300 per calendar month, so you'll be able to recoup the monthly costs by doing a handful of items per month.

You sell a ring worth £200 to a customer who then wants it engraving for their partner, you are able to offer a personalisation service whilst they grab a coffee, the cost of the personalisation is £50 (25% of the cost of the product). The customer agrees and purchases the ring with the added personalisation, after doing this for six customers in the month the finance repayments for the laser are covered and any more carried out is profit. There are no other costs related in owning a laser and the power output needed to power the laser is powered through the mains electrics and uses on average the equivalent power of a standard fridge freezer.


What designs can be engraved?

Anything, with every purchase we provide a Windows-based software that can process anything to mark. The system is user-friendly and training is provided on how to use it when the installation takes place so you don't need any additional staff, once the design or text is inputted it's a completely automated process, so you can get back to selling more products. The laser isn't limited to just gold and silver jewellery, the possibilities are endless, golf clubs, hip flasks, knives anything you can think of.

To find out more about how laser engraving can add value to your brand or business, Get in Touch with us to discuss your options