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How much value could a laser add to my business?

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Personalised products have become extremely popular with websites like www.notonthehighstreet.com to www.etsy.com offering bespoke engraved personalisations to a variety of products. Consumers are on the look out for special and unique gifts for their loved ones and special occasions. More importantly, such consumers are willing to pay more for these one of a kind gifts.

Have you ever considered purchasing a laser for your business, but you've been reluctant? Perhaps you feel like you're not technically skilled enough to operate one? We have already debunked some common misconceptions around laser systems in a previous blog.

Entrepreneurs who look at starting a business may be daunted by the initial costs. Although there is a cost to purchasing a laser system, the Return on Investment (ROI) can be quickly recouped. The speed of laser engraving pitted against the time for more traditional methods (Hand Engraving) and the ongoing cost of paying the salary of someone to provide this service can often be forgotten. The other silver lining is that companies like Needham Laser Tech now offer finance for these purchases to make them more digestible for SME's. 

So, what could that ROI look like for your business? We have developed an ROI calculator so that you can see how much value a laser could ass to your business.


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By using this ROI calculator, you can work out the profitability of buying a laser through finance from Needham Laser Tech. Our finance plans are suited to your business and with just a few engravings a month you can add value and profit to your business. 

Not only can you personalise your products for your customers but with the personalisation service we offer with our Fiber N-Lase range we can create custom decals, so your laser reflects your brand.

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