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How Laser Systems Can Provide Asset Marking in Precision Engineering

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Are you, like many of our other clients, finding there is an increased demand for part identification and traceability? Laser marking your assets is a permanent solution. Laser marking provides a means of identifying, tracking, and recovering your assets, whether it is within your own business or your client's.


N-Lase Desktop Laser Engraving Machine On a Cyber Black Background

Why mark your assets?

The demand for laser marking assets has increased significantly and in some cases is a mandatory process for a range of industrial sectors requiring the production of parts, from aerospace, medicine, automotive and military applications. For such industries, permanently and accurately marking assets with precise identification is essential for the regulation and tracking of these assets throughout their life cycle.

Needham Laser Technologies is the UK's leading manufacturer of industrial laser systems with years of experience in the development and manufacturing of laser marking solutions. 

We are proud to add the 'Made in Britain' badge to each of our later systems. Each system we make is constructed in our HQ in Whitchurch, Shropshire. Alongside our emphasis on product quality, we also place vital importance on customer service and after-sales support. Our team of local customer service representatives and nationwide engineers are always on hand to support you.

Interested in a demo?

Over the past year, we have adapted how we have conducted demonstrations of our laser systems in action. From Zoom to Teams, everything has been virtual, with the easing of lockdown restrictions across the UK we are able to welcome customers to our site in Whitchurch, Shropshire, where all of our lasers are made. Alternatively, we can come to you, so you can see our machines in your environment and we can show you how our laser will meet the requirements of your products in front of your eyes.

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